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Business Loan

Easy to apply for a loan with us, Once you have complete this form.

For Every Business Need..

Don't let money become an obstacle in your business. Whether it is an important commercial property deal, the purchase of a commercial vehicle, business cash flow , or inventory to stock up on, our business loan options are suitable for everyone. You just need to fill out your loan requirements and your business information, and one of our loan specialists will call you back. No long paper work to do; quick and easy secured and unsecured business loans, funds available within the same working day on approval. We welcome all the Australian Small Business Owners, who are looking for:-

Inventory Finance

Machinery Loans

Commercial Vehicle Loans

Equipment Finance

Business Cash Flow

Business Line of Credit

What do we finance?

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Heavy Vehicle Loan

All commercial vehicles are welcome to be financed through loans buddy. You can apply for $20K to $2 Million for Trucks, Vans, Utes, Concrete trucks, prime movers, and other motor vehicles with at least one year old running ABN.Read More

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Business Loan

Give a push to your business with cash flow from $20K to $1 Million. All established SMEs and Startups (with security) are welcome to submit applications. Don't let money become an obstacle in your business.Read More

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Equity Loan

An equity loan, also known as a home equity loan or a second mortgage, is a type of borrowing offered by Loans Buddy that allows homeowners to access the equity built up in their property. Read More

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Personal Car Loan

Purchase your dream car with our secured and unsecured car loan options. Borrow from $20,000 to $100,000, according to your requirements. All you need is a regular job with enough income to pass your car loan eligibility test.Read More

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Quick Cash Loan

Money emergencies may occur at any time. Whether it is for pending bills, car repairs, goods purchased, or a travel emergency, we are always here to help you with some quick cash. Borrow from $2100 to $15,000 the same day. Just fill out our online application and complete read only e-bank statement submission. Read More

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Commercial Car Loan

The transportation of stock is a must in every business. Rented vehicles might become a headache sometimes. Get your own commercial vans, utes, cars, and other vehicles with our business vehicle loans. Borrow from $20K to $1 Million within 48 hours of approval.Read More

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Property Loan

A property loan from Loans Buddy, also known as a real estate loan or mortgage, is a financial arrangement where lenders provides funds to an individual or business to purchase or refinance a property.Read More

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Equipment & Asset Loan

This type of financing covers various industries, including manufacturing, technology, and construction. Lenders, offer flexible terms, competitive interest rates, and tailored repayment options to match the asset’s lifespan and the business’s cash flow.Read More

Different Loans with Different Rates

We are taking care of every aspect of business. To fulfil working capital needs, we have designed plenty of loan products for business owners. Please take a look at the below products. Let us know which one fits best for you.

Working Capital

Unsecured: 12.95%p.a.
Funding within 24 hrs.
Term: Upto 5 yrs
Ideal For: Day-to-day Capital and Business Cash Flow.

Vehicle Finance

Rates from 6.42% p.a.
Funding within 48 hrs
Term: Upto 7 yrs
Ideal For: Commercial Vehicle Purchase; such as Truck, Van, Ute and Car etc.

Equipment Finance

Rates from 6.42%p.a.
Funding within 48 hrs
Term: Upto 7 yrs
Ideal For: Machinery, Tools and other Assets Purchase.

Commercial Loans

Rates from 4.9% p.a.
Funding within: 6-12 weeks
Term: Upto 30 yrs
Ideal For: Purchasing a new commercial property, such as office or warehouse.

Development Financing

Rates from: 6.95% p.a.
Funding within 3-6 weeks
Term: upto 2 yrs
Ideal For: Finance for the purpose of comprehensive renovations or major new building projects.

Equity Loans

Loan Term 1 month to 6 Months
No payments during the loan term
No credit check no Financial
60% LVR required
Funding within 24 hours

I’m Interested, But First a Few Questions…

If you have questions, please let us know. We will be more than happy to help you. Please write us at "".

Get Started Now
Application is easy, all you need to click on “Apply Now”, "Eligibility Check" or “Get Started” button. Complete the application form by filling up all the details and submit it. One of our lending partners will contact you in the next business hours.
For most loan approvals can be in as little as 24 hours, once you submit all the required documents. Moreover, this is dependent on the heath of your business, but we will always get the loan approved as fast as possible, and we will be in contact to provide updates as often as you need
Your ABN/ACN details, driver’s licence, trading business bank details and some basic details about your business, this may include how long it has been operating, the structure and turnover. The more details you have, the better.
The longer a business has been operating, the easier it is to get approved. However, we will examine each business as it currently stands. A new venture may be a higher risk, but that does not mean approval is impossible. Get in touch today so we can find a loan provider that suits.
The length of the loan can be determined by yourself and the business loans provider. However most often the terms are from 91 days to 5 years or more. It depends on the type of loan you are applyig for.
The loan can be used for any business endeavour. If you can provide details on what the loan will be used for and how it will affect your business, this can go in your favour for reducing your business risk assessment.